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Letter to the Editor: Ottawa Citizen (Feb. 8, 2003)
Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association

by Bruce Mills: Smoking guns

Dear Editor:

You seem to have failed to grasp the basic premise behind Dr. Hudson's mission: he has no license or registration to carry with him, because he has burned them both. Dr. Hudson wishes to be arrested for this paper "crime" in order to become a test case for the constitutionality of this "law". That the police and the Crown Prosecutors consistently fail to do so, even though it is manifestly obvious that he is in contravention of the law, speaks volumes about their faith in it.

Instead, they persist in their Keystone Kops routine of trying to confiscate someone's private property, and charging us with non-Firearms Act offences, like "obstruction", if they should resist this theft. The Courts then continue to nibble away at our rights by placing limitations on our freedom of mobility, our freedom to assemble, our freedom of association, and our freedom of expression. Not to mention draining our bank accounts defending ourselves from these shenanigans in court, while they bring the full force and resources of the State against us.

Dr. Hudson is a hero and a freedom fighter, who is being persecuted by the State for his political beliefs. If you don't think that this fight is about rights, freedom, and liberty, all you have to do is look at what the federal Liberal government is trying to get away with, playing fast and loose with this law.

It is our sacred duty to disobey an unjust law.

Bruce N. Mills
Dundas, Ont.