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Why We Are Angry Old Men

Those of us in CUFOA who refuse to submit to the federal firearms licencing requirement and recommend that responsible gun owners "Do not vote for, support, or donate to the Conservatives"(1) have on one online forum been described as:
"an association of admitted criminals who make ... law-abiding gun owners look bad ... ."

This is an unfortunate commentary on what is suppose to be a place for enlightened discussion and lively exchange of ideas. Our political foes used the tactics of slander and tried to discredit responsible gun owners by portraying us as "angry old men" in the Parliament Hill Fed Up rallies of 1994 and 1998.(2) Twenty years later, we truly are old men, but now we are angry with Stephen Harper for endorsing the Liberals' firearm licensing scheme.

In response to our suggestion that firearms owner not vote for Mr. Harper, many commentators cry that the other parties are totally adverse to firearms ownership, that the NDP and the Liberals (and the Greens) will confiscate all of our firearms. They admonish us to accept "the lesser of the evils" and vote for Mr. Harper.

To understand our abhorrence of Mr. Harper one needs to understand the pure, unadulterated evil of the 1995 Firearms Act. The firearms licencing mandate makes the mere possession of a firearm in one's own home an illegal act. This licencing mandate was a major reversal of our historic Canadian practice of responsible gun ownership:

"The Firearms Act ... provides ... far reaching ... Gun Control in Canada.
"Firearm possession/ownership is now, clearly a privilege, not a right.

With the firearms licence the Government presumes the authority to decide

"the circumstances in which an individual does or does not need firearms
to protect the life of that individual ... ."

The firearms licence destroys our Right to defend ourselves. Professor Gary Mauser of Simon Fraser University has clearly stated that:

"The bureaucrats want to reduce the numbers of gun owners, and eventually eliminate all private ownership of firearms by citizens.

"Licencing means that the government has a list with your name on it. You are in their data base. Having a government database creates serious problems.

And most ominously, Dr. Mauser warns:

"Ottawa can increasingly tighten up the rules ... Just by arbitrarily tightening up the standards, the government can cause gun ownership to disappear."(5)

Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm, author of Guns and Violence, The English Experience, has shown that the United Kingdom has used firearms licencing to eliminate the use of a firearm for self-defense. Of the British situation Dr. Malcolm writes:

"The Firearms Act of 1920, which took away the traditional rights of individuals to be armed, was not passed to reduce of prevent armed crime or gun accidents. It was passed because the government was afraid of rebellion and keen to control access to guns."

"English governments had long wanted, and finally obtained, complete discretion over which Englishmen might be armed. The old notion that people had a duty to protect themselves and their neighbors ... was reversed."

Dr. Malcolm concluded:

"Government, in its expanding control of numerous aspects of community life, now found guns inappropriate for individual defense."(6)

Professor Malcolm's follow-up research ten years later showed:

"The results have not been what proponents of the act wanted. Within a decade of the handgun ban and the confiscation of handguns from registered owners, crime with handguns had doubled according to British government crime reports. Gun crime, not a serious problem in the past, now is."(7)

When Mr. Harper declares, "we already register gun owners" he egregiously endorses a law that negates our means of self-defence and gives the Government the name and address of every licenced gun owner in Canada.

Are we to be so bold to think that we Canadians will not suffer the same fate as the licenced British gun owners? Do we presume to believe we can submit to licencing and somehow not be forced to surrender our firearms to the Government?

Licencing under Stephen Harper is not a "lesser evil." Mr. Harper's licensing law will kill us just like it is killing the British.


Edward B. Hudson


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Stephen Harper Has Abandoned Firearms Owners

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In response to Garry Breitkreuz, MP ATI Request #391 on October 25, 2003

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