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Butchered like Lambs at the Slaughter

Re: CUFOA s. 117.03 Court of Queen's Bench Report

09 November 2010

At noon today Jack Wilson & I made our constitutional appeal
presentation of Criminal Code section 117.03 before The Honourable Mr.
Justice R.C. Mills of the Court of Queen's Bench here in Saskatoon.

We stated clearly that we should be charged for our intentional
disobedience to the licensing mandate of the Firearms Act,
but the police and the Courts use s.117.03 simply to seize and destroy
our shotguns without benefit of trial.
We asked Mr. Justice Mills to declare s. 117.03 "overly broad" and
thus invalid.

The Honourable Justice did not like our arguments.
To borrow some of the lyrics from 'And the Band Played Waltzing
Matilda', "in five minutes flat he'd blown us all to hell".

Since I only had general principles from just about every
constitutional document known to Canada, but NOT a specific reference
to the specific words "right to a trial", Justice Mills thrashed
everything I had to say.

I fought back well in defense, but essentially we were "butchered like
lambs to the slaughter".

Justice Mills 'reserved judgement' and promised us a written decision.

While I wait for the inevitable PFO letter, I will begin preparing an

Thanks for all your prayers and candles burned in support of our
While today was painful, I am not in jail like my associate Bruce
Montague in Ontario.
I live to fight another day.



The Right to Trial by Jury:

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Eric Bogle, Lyrics:
Song: John McDermott: