Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Constitutional Challenges
& Court Cases

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01 February 2012 Forfeiture Laws Threaten Property Rights Joseph Quesnel & Andrew Newman
09 February 2010 Humboldt Charter Challenge Edward B. Hudson
16 January 2009 Peaceful, Non-violent, Non-compliance to an Unjust Law Edward B. Hudson
10 December 2005 Jamais sans mon Smith & Wesson 44! Agnés Gruda
09 December 2005 Local gun enthusiast vows he won't obey handgun ban
Nikhat Ahmed
December 2003
An Appeal to the citizens of Canada Regarding your
rights and Freedoms

Edward B. Hudson
September 2003
Ethnic Cleansing of Duck Hunters
Press Release
April 2003
President’s Message Spring 2003
Edward B. Hudson
February 2003

Civil disobedience over unjust gun law no stunt
Edward B. Hudson
February 2003
Smoking Guns
Bruce Mills
January 2003
Gun-registry foes speak out
Al Muir
December 2002
Making the Case for  Civil Disobedience in Canada
Edward B. Hudson
November 2002 "Come and Get Them!" Edward B.
November 2002 Bill C-68 Violates The Charter of Rights & Freedoms Dr. Ted Morton
October 2002
The Paradox of the  Coming Revolution
Edward B. Hudson
September 2002
Is Two Years Too Much to Ask? Edward B. Hudson
August 2002 Boycott the Canadian Firearms Center Edward B. Hudson
July 2002 It's Not about Guns, It's  about Self Respect
Edward B. Hudson
June 2002 The Freedom Liberation  Movement
Edward B. Hudson
May 2002 On-To-Ottawa, Part Two Drayton Valley Success
Jim Turnbull
May 2002 The Declaration of Non-compliance
Jim Turnbull
April 2002 Operation Nail It to the  Door
Jim Turnbull